One way to bless your coworkers this week is to help them see how their work is connected to God’s work.

Christians are often reluctant to have conversations about God with non-Christians because it feels like they are trying to sell them something or force a connection with God that the listener isn’t interested in.

What if you spent less time trying to help non-Christians make a connection with God and more time pointing out ways they are already connected to God?

Without even realizing it, irreligious people are already doing ‘godly’ work. They are doing work that aligns with the kind of work that God does. In the sermon this past week we talked about three kinds of work that God does and ways that we do the same work as people created in his image.


  • Creative Work — brining something new into existence
  • Providing Work — meeting needs and sustaining creation
  • Redemptive Work — restoring and healing what is broken


  • Creative Work — envisioning, designing, or developing a new product, service, or art form
  • Providing Work — meeting people’s needs through goods, services, or relationship
  • Redemptive Work — fixing, healing, or restoring what is broken

You have coworkers who are already doing this kind of ‘godly’ work and they don’t realize it. What if you simply pointed out the connection they already have to God?

You could bless a coworker this week by telling them what you admire about their work and mentioning how it aligns with what you know about God. This is a simple way to begin a conversation about God and bless someone at the same time.