Imagine having Warren Buffett offer to teach you everything he knows about investing. Imagine having Wolfgang Puck take you under his wing and teach you how to make amazing meals. Imagine having Adele give you voice lessons for the summer or Michael Jordan commit to helping you with your jump shot. Better yet, imagine God offering to personally mentor you—the Author of Life mentoring you in life.

That is exactly what Jesus offers to do for us.

If Warren Buffet, Wolfgang Puck, Adele or Michael Jordan offered to mentor you in their area of expertise, how much time would you make in your schedule to learn from them? How much time are we willing to make in our schedule to be mentored by God?

Jesus invites us into a transformational relationship with him. We can nurture that relationship by spending time learning from Jesus each day, allowing him to teach us, encourage us, and guide us.

For the first three months of 2013, let Jesus mentor you by going through the four short books of the Bible that have to do with his life--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--one chapter a day. You can pick up a bookmark with the reading plan on Sundays.

To get the most out of your time with Jesus, try using a process called SOAP.

What you need

  1. A bible. (NLT is good if you’re starting out. NIV or ESV study bibles are good if you want to dig deeper.)
  2. A journal. (Use a notebook or a program like Evernote)
  3. A bible reading plan. (We are starting with Matthew 1 on January 1 and doing one chapter a day through the end of March)

S for Scripture

As you read the verses on your plan for the day, ask God to highlight one verse or thought He wants you to focus on. Write that verse down in your journal.

O for Observation

Ponder the message God has drawn you to. In your own words, capture what this scripture is saying. Does it provide insight into any of these questions: Who is God? What has God done? Who are we? What do we do?

A for Application

Ask God what you should do in response to this scripture. What is His invitation to you? Write it down and hold yourself accountable.

P for Prayer

Spend some time in prayer and write your prayer down. Ask God to hep you apply what you’ve learned and thank Him for the power of His Word.

Each day find a way way to share what you learned with your spouse, family, DNA partners, or Missional Community. Let's encourage one another to draw closer to Jesus this year.